Metson Marine’s SeaPort-e Team is committed to delivering world class maritime operations and maintenance services in all Seaport-e zones.

Metson Marine (MMSI) was established in 1984 to provide ocean transportation, vessel operations, and ocean environmental services.  Over the past 30 years the Company has expanded its business to both commercial and government contracting.  Its geographic locations include the East, Gulf, and West Coasts, as well as Alaska and Hawaii. 

Metson Marine is a small business corporation dedicated to providing world class service to its customers through a skilled workforce of professional mariners, engineers and technicians bound by quality leadership and supported by state of the art vessels and innovative processes in port, offshore and blue water.

Metson Companies

Corporate Offices : 2060 Knoll Drive #100 Ventura, California 93003
Tel 805-658-2628 : Fax 805-658-8354