The S.D.T.S. underway to San Nicholas Island. The Ship's mission is weapons systems engineering, test and evaluation.

O.S.R.V. Clean Islands skimming oil in Pearl Harbor.
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Ship Management & Vessel Charter

Ship Management, Vessel Operation and Maintenance have always been the core business of the Metson Group of Companies.

Since 1984 Metson has managed and operated a unique fleet of ships and vessels ranging in size from 120 ft. to 550 ft. The company’s operational expertise encompassed supply vessels, diving support, oil spill support, crew boats, cable laying, geophysical support, container cargo and open-ocean survey and research. Always being ready and willing to adapt to any type of operation, our management team and marine crews have the flexibility and experience to easily embark on new and unique waterborne disciplines.

The following is a brief overview of Metson's management contracts. Our commercial division has been operating OSRV’s and OSVs since inception. Metson has two decades of experience in oil spill response and have responded to offshore oil spills ranging in size from a few gallons to the Exxon Valdez. Metson crews are specialized mariners trained to deploy state of the art oil spill recovery equipment and to operate lifting equipment, winches and reels to contain and clean up the spills and to dispose of the contaminated material.

Our government division operates and maintains the Self Defense Test Ship (SDTS) , ex-USS Paul Foster (DD-964) recently replacing ex-USS Decatur DD931. These ships are test platforms for the United States Navy weapons systems, including the testing of rockets, missiles, guns, radars, and thermal imaging systems etc.

In Hawaii Metson operates (3) Torpedo Weapons Retrievers (TWR). Primary missions include recovery of exercises torpedoes, backhaul of weapons, transport of pyrotechnics, submarine escort, personnel transfer, search and rescue and the launching of mobile targets.

In Florida Metson operates and maintains the Helicopter Landing Trainer (HLT) in support of Naval Helicopter training. Additionally, the platform supports training for the FBI and other military services and agencies.

Metson’s ship management services are certified in accordance with the International Management Organization (ISO) and International Management Code for the Safe Operation of Ships and Pollution Prevention (ISM).

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