Metson Marine currently employs 250 full time mariners, technicians and support staff.  Its corporate headquarters is in Ventura, California, and site offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, Kings Bay, GA, Pensacola, FL, Kenai, Alaska and Freeport, Texas. The company has a broad and expansive knowledge and experience base in government contracting. MMSI was in fact the first contractor ever awarded a port operations contact by the Government.

A partial scope of relevant Port Operations management & experience:

Corporate Management of all Port Operations functions (financial, administrative)

Vessel Management of Government assets (Florida (2), Georgia, Hawaii)

Port Operations Contracts (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Vessel Crewing & Operations (Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Weapons Handling (California, Hawaii)

Fuel Handling (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Dockmaster Services (Florida, Hawaii)

Facility Response Team (Oil Spill/Environmental) (Alaska, Florida, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Maintenance (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Secret Facility Clearance (Georgia, Hawaii)

Quality & Safety Management System (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii)

Quality & Safety Management System (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii)

Personnel Reliability Program-Restricted Access Area (Georgia)

Logistics (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Purchasing (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

24/7/365 Operations (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Passenger Transport (Florida, Hawaii)

Barrier Boats (Georgia, Hawaii)

Safety Program Management (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Puerto Rico)

Structural Repair, Fabrication, Welding (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii)

Crane Operations (Florida, Georgia, Hawaii)

Regardless of the location our team members deliver outstanding safety, quality, technical expertise and value to our customers. Exceeding customer expectations is more than a core value, it’s what we do every day.
Metson Companies

Corporate Offices : 2060 Knoll Drive #100 Ventura, California 93003
Tel 805-658-2628 : Fax 805-658-8354